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Post by ModernGnome on Fri Oct 16, 2015 10:14 pm

Do you know of solutions to any of the following issues? Share your knowledge!
Symptom: Prints suddenly stop for no obvious reason before completion. The print task may succeed if attempted again. Screen may show spurious characters after job aborts.
Solution: None known. May signify a buffer overflow related to an out-of-memory issue or other error condition. Cycle power and try again.

Symptom: "I have encountered a glitch" message may appear on the touch-screen.
Solution: This is usually an indication of a marginally defective SD card. Try a different 2GB or smaller SD card.

 Three non-musical tones heard during when the printer has been on for a while. "EE EE AWW" tones occur at various -- seemingly random -- times before printing begins.
Solution: Purpose and meaning unknown. There is no obvious correlation between these error tones and heater activity; these error tones may also occur when the printer is just sitting idle. The tones may occur whether or not an SD card is present. 

Symptom: Nozzle clogs frequently, especially during fill operations.
Solution: Increase temperature and try again. (Most people report that Root prints PLA best when the temperature is set in the range of 220-228C.) Also, be sure that your nozzle is not too close to the bed. (A distance equivalent to the thickness of a business card is usually best.)

Symptom: Germinate can't generate GCODE if more than one model is on the print bed and system is running Windows 10.
Solution: I was able to repro the issue of GCODE not generating when multiple models are placed under Windows 10 on two different machines here. (One was running the original 1.0 release; the other was running the Oct 2015 update posted to GP3D's website.) But I managed to get them both slicing with the following trick:

Right-click on Germinate.exe, select the Compatibility tab and set 
the compatibility mode settings to "run the program as an administrator." This allows the slicer to run (and save GCODE successfully) on Windows 10 machines. (Right-clicking the Germinate icon and selecting "Run as Administrator" also works.)

There's an odd bug, though: although it appears that once slicing has been successful, you can disable the "run as an administrator" option, and, the next time you run the app, the slicer will continue to slice and generate GCODE. But this only works as expected if you have only one model placed. If you place more than one model, it will slice the models that were loaded the last time you ran the app as administrator. In other words, it does not necessarily slice what is shown on screen. Weird! 

With that caveat, this "run as an administrator" workaround has been confirmed to work with the above settings.

Symptom: Model is too complex to load or slice.
Solution: Reduce the complexity of your model(s) in a program such as Meshmixer. (Edit > Select All > Shift+R > Accept). Meshmixer is free from


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