How to calibrate and level the Print bed

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How to calibrate and level the Print bed

Post by gpiffle on Mon Nov 09, 2015 11:56 pm

These instructions are for the Root Plus, but I think it is the same for the Root.

(Please note that you can only calibrate manually if your printer is connected to your computer)
1. Connect your printer with your computer.
2. Start up the Germinate Software and connect your printer by clicking the USB icon at the top of the page.
3. Clicking the USB icon will bring up a panel, next to the “rescan” button will be a drop menu that should have your printer’s port name, click it and then click “connect”.
4. Select the Cog icon to bring up the control panel.
5. Select "Roughly" at the bottom of the panel to bring the platform close the print head.
6. Next to the Z +/- arrows buttons at that are at the top of the panel will be "continue" "Lock" "Unlock", select "continue" and set it to 0.1mm.
7. Click the Z+ arrow to increase the print plate’s height and use a business card to gauge the distance between the platforms height and the printing plate until it is no longer able to slide freely between them. (The card should be able to slide between the plate and nozzle with minimal resistance)
8. Once height has been established, click the "Meter Z" button, this will cause the platform to slowly descend.
9. Once the platform has fully descended a number will appear next to the "Z:" display located at the bottom of the panel.
10. Simply click the "Save Settings" button next to the "Z:" display and your printer will use that as its default height for all future prints.
(Please note that whenever your remove or adjust your platform for whatever reason, you may need to recalibrate your printer)
11. If you wish to use your printer offline (without use of your computer) please use the number generated during Calibration to set the height on your printer directly.
12. Touch the screen to bring up the menu and select the "Advanced" tab
13. Input Meter Z height by hit + until it matches the height that was given to you during calibration.
14. Then hit save.


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